15 Companies that Understand Generic Domains

GenericGeneric, keyword dot com domains are pretty damn awesome.  You’ll hear different perspectives from different people.  Some will say the value has slipped over the years while others will say that they are more valuable than ever.  Regardless of your position, there is no denying that great domains should be put to great use.   Here are 15 examples of companies putting generic domains to work where they belong by pointing them to their brand:


  1. ringers.com – Cowbells.com (bonus points for double generic names)
  2. famous.com – FamousFootwear.com
  3. teeth.com – RedwoodCityDentistry.com
  4. buckets.com – Bwaycorp.com
  5. leaner.com – hgh.com (ok, this one seems sketchy)
  6. mental.com – nvidia-arc.com/index.php
  7. director.com – adobe.com/products/director.html
  8. tires.com –  discounttire.com/dtcs/home.do
  9. bite.com – dentalxchange.com/home/Home
  10. review.com – princetonreview.com
  11. sold.com – auction.com (this is great!)
  12. ereader.com – barnesandnoble.com/b/nook/_/N-1pbl
  13. scrapmetal.com – pullapart.com
  14. fixtures.com – wn.com/fixtures
  15. privateplanes.com – mantovani.net (oh,  this one is “private” – no pun intended)

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