Update: Sully’s Blog Goes Video (Video now viewable)

I’ve been working on quite a few video interviews over at MO.com and I love the direction that is taking. There’s nothing like hearing and seeing people talk about their experiences. There is so much more to be gained by seeing as opposed to the written interview. Written interviews are great, and they have their own list of positives. But you don’t always feel the emotion or passion behind the interviewees.

My first video interview is with Antonio Centeno of aTailoredSuit.com. A special thanks goes out to Antonio for volunteering to be the first video interview and helping me work through some of the kinks.  Let me know what you think.

10 Comments Update: Sully’s Blog Goes Video (Video now viewable)

  1. Francois

    You should show a transcrip before the video, there are a lot of no english domainers that like me write/read but don’t understand ANYTHING when people speak.
    I have no clue this guy talked, not even the theme!

  2. Joseph

    Wow, I know this is the internet, but you looked completely outclassed. Wearing a t-shirt to interview a guy who operates a custom clothing company? What were you thinking?


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