How to Persuade Buyers That Domain Pointing Is Valuable

Two weeks ago, I wrote about  10 Great Keyword Domains in Action. One example cited was a domain that is pointing back to  I always find it encouraging when large corporations leverage keyword domains to send additional traffic back to their main sites.  I like to somehow work this in when educating potential buyers as to the value of owning a keyword domain in their industry.  In that post from two weeks ago, I mentioned that I’d like a complete list of names that point to  Well, Richard,  a valued reader at Sully’s Blog, came through and provided me with the list.  So I’m sharing it with you.  Hope you find this of value and perhaps you can use this to convince end users of the value of your domains.

13 Comments How to Persuade Buyers That Domain Pointing Is Valuable

  1. Terrell

    I’d bet that many of the names worth less than reg fee including some of the non-.coms and hyphenated domains were probably picked up by the legal department instead of the marketing department. It’s hard to imagine them getting any kind of type-in traffic.

    1. Mike

      Carbon is an API but maybe they also want to capture the frooty folks who actually believe in the hoax that is global warming – since Apple is mostly made up of those who’d believe in such nonsense….

  2. Tim Davids

    Carbon is a 32-bit procedural API for developing Mac OS X applications. Carbon provides backward compatibility for existing Mac OS X software, while serving as a stepping stone for developers porting procedural applications from other platforms. Carbon enables C/C++ developers to take advantage of Mac OS X features, including the Quartz 2D graphics library, an efficient event-handling mechanism, and multiprocessing support. In addition, other industry-standard C/C++ APIs are available to Carbon developers, providing access to such services as the OpenGL drawing system, the Mach microkernel, and BSD operating-system services.

  3. Uzoma

    Great work Mike & Richard. I hadn’t realized that many names pointed to Apple.

    I noticed that is pointing to, and not That is why I’m investing heavily in 1800domain names now. I believe voice command surfing will soon be upon us.


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