Gave me a 600% Return

Every so often I drop a couple names into to see if they’ll sell quickly at a discounted price.  Francois made it easy to do by placing a “Sell It” button right next to the data results of a domain entered into the valuation tool,  Up until now, I haven’t had much luck.  I recently logged into Bargain Domains to see which names I still had listed there.  To my delight, one of the domains was listed as “in auction.”  That means that my minimum reserve price was met or exceeded.

I picked up the domain as a hand registered name a few months back after seeing it on Arbel Arif’s PickUpNames.  The name appraises at $1,200 on and I set my minimum at $60.  I paid less than $10 for the name when I registered it, so a return of 600% is acceptable, wouldn’t you agree?  There was one bid placed for $60, so all is well.  Sure the domain could have sold for more, but I am pleased with the result.

I like, especially for hand regs.  It offers a fair and reasonable price to buyers.  In fact, I have now been paying closer attention to the names listed there and I see some I like.  I just might place some bids because I think there are some deals to be had.

7 Comments Gave me a 600% Return

    1. Mike Sullivan

      It’s more about the quick turn around of a decent hand reg and the opportunity to find decent names at reasonable prices. Believe me, I would have liked to see it sell for more, but I’m not complaint for an $8 investment and the ease of listing.

  1. Jim

    Hey Mike

    Congrats on ROI regardless of the actual figure.
    The thing I always notice about BargainDomains however, is that there never seems to be that much bidding activity going on.
    Call me naive but it’s never going to compete with the likes of Sedo et al, so what’s its purpose and USP?

    1. Mike Sullivan

      Thanks Jim. I’m not sure BargainDomains is trying to compete with the likes of Sedo. It seems targeted toward lower end sales based on it’s pricing structure. You can list your domains only at a fraction of the appraised value.


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