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I really like when I’m reading one of the blogs I subscribe to and the author goes off on a more personal note.  You know, he mentions something about his wife, the town he lives in, or the conversation he was having with a friend over lunch.  It gives some personality to the writer and gives you a peek into his or her world.  I think that makes future posts even more interesting because you are getting to know the blogger.  You start to develop a perception.  Maybe you like this too, or maybe you don’t. But I’m going to give you that chance now.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, today is my boys’ birthday.  They are identical triplets and today they turn 7 years old.  It’s great to see how far they have come.  I also have a daughter that’s only a year and a half older than the boys.  I thought I’d share a video I put together after the first few years, to give you a peek into my world.  I’ve shared this with some of my DBR friends and thought you might enjoy it as well.  Life is good.

7 Comments Behind the Blogger

  1. tricolorro

    Thanks for sharing such a precious video momento.

    Can you easily tell the 3 boys apart since they are identical?

    Do you think in about 5 years or so when the boys are around 12 that they could fool you and your wife if they pulled a prank and switched identities?

  2. Attila

    You got a really nice looking family there Sully. Although your video just reminded me I don’t want to have kids until 10 more years later (mid 30’s). And I hope (for whoever had to clean that up) that it was mud inside the cribs and all over their hands, lol…

  3. Sully

    I can tell them apart, but once in a while I get it wrong. They were wise to the fact that they looked alike pretty early on. In preschool, they pulled the switch on their teachers.

  4. Esa

    Boy… yeah that bunch will keep you busy. Really enjoyed the video. Got two little boys can’t imagine trying to handle those triplets..


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