Generic Domains Pointed for Success

ThankYou.comThere are some really nice generic names that I came across this week that are being utilized successfully.  My favorite of the group below has to be which is being used for the Citi Rewards site.  What a better way to get the point across and thank your customers right in the url.  The purpose of the site is made clear, up front, with that domain name.  The site is put together pretty well too.  I give credit to whoever came up with the idea of acquiring that domain for this purpose.  They hit the nail on the head.  Below are some others.

  1. forwards to a page for Philly cheese
  2. goes to
  3. goes to
  4. is the citi rewards site
  5. to
  6. redirects (label printers)
  7. goes to
  8. goes to
  9. is the American International Forest Products site (lumber distributor)
  10. forwards to
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