10 Great Keyword Domains in Action


Poking around has once again led me to some great domains that are either pointing to or represent the main site of a company.  This is always encouraging to see  there are those in the business world, big and small, that under stand the value of domain names.

  1. Firewire.org to Apple.com (I’d love to have a list of all the domains pointing to Apple.com)
  2. ColorPrinters.com loads a Xerox page
  3. PrinterToner.com is the Advanced Printing Technologies site (toner recycling)
  4. Whistle.com loads IBM.com, not sure why.
  5. Socks.com, Belview Corporation
  6. BookPublisher.com to Wheatmark.com (Rick, you may want to check with them on Publish.com… you heard it here, just sayin’)
  7. Receipts.com is Superior Receipt Book Company
  8. WaffleIron.com loads GoldenMalted.com (was inspired on this one by 5 Ways a Domain is Like a Woman)
  9. Plumbers.com goes to bathrooms.com
  10. Coffeesleeve.com is a site for britevision.com, which offers advertising on coffee sleeves.  Smells like an interview.

3 Comments 10 Great Keyword Domains in Action

  1. domainer

    Some good solid names in there mike. Thanks inn sharing.

    Coffeesleeve.com would be an awesome interview. Oh wait don’t you coffeesleeve.co lol

  2. Robin Ong

    Mike, I’m a real rookie in domaining. Enlighten me in something. What do you see in Socks.com and Whistle.com??? The domain may cost more than the socks and whistles that I could sell in my lifetime…lol


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