More Big Companies that Find Value in Key Word Domain Names

motorcycle domainPoking around for news, information, and just generally wasting time, I came across several more generic keyword domains that are in use by some big companies.  Feel free to use this information in your discussions with potential end users to help them see the value of the keyword domains you are offering.  For example, if your end user happened to be a commercial toilet distributor and you were trying to sell, you could say something like “This domain could be leveraged just as Hubba Bubba uses to attract additional customers.”  Obviously is a higher value name, but you get the point.

Here are some of the most recent names I have come across:

  1. points to
  2. goes to
  3. forwards to (Motorcycle Page)
  4. also forwards to (Scooter Page)
  5. goes to McAffee (not the first company I would think of)
  6. goes to a Fixodent site.
  7. to
  8. goes to, A Nature Made site
  9. goes to which is the Calvin Klein Underwear site
  10. goes to

It’s unfortunate that most companies don’t realize the value of key word domains and need to be educated on this.  But That fact that multi-million dollar marking departments for major corporations are taking advantage of generic keyword domains, lends some additional credibility to the pitch.  Like it or not, to be successful in selling to end users, you’ll need to do all you can to educate them on how this will be an investment in their business.

5 Comments More Big Companies that Find Value in Key Word Domain Names

  1. Jim

    As a domainer it’s incredibly frustrating that companies don’t appreciate the value in a GOOD generic domain name.
    It’s also difficult to advise them of the inherent value when you approach them. You want to write an email long enough so that all of the relevant information is conveyed, yet succinct enough that they don’t tire of it and consign it to the trash folder before reaching the end, in fear of being conned out of their money!
    Hard work!

    1. Sully

      @Jim, I totally agree. That’s the art of the sale. I have found in a couple of cases that the emails turn into phone conversations, or extended email conversations which allows for more discussion and opportunity to firm up the sale. What woks on one potential buyer doesn’t always work on another.

    1. Sully

      I find my own leads for the most part. Sending emails to potential end users based on the domain in question. There are several methods you can use. Probably the most common is a Google search with the domain keywords in quotes to find exact matches and AdWords advertisers.


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