Domain Suggestion Tool Produces $1,200 Domain


You may have recently seen advertised in the Sponsored Headlines section of at some point over the last week.  The site claims to  find quality unregistered domain names and list them for domainers to sort through and register.  I had a look at the site early today and had a look at some of the names.  I actually took a look about a week back and the inventory of names seems to have grown quite a bit in that time.

The site features the ability to hone in using search criteria and as the inventory of names grows, I can see that feature being more useful.  At the moment, it’s easy enough to browse through the list of available names, page by page.  The are lots of adjective/noun combination that don’t always work, such as or  I didn’t sift through the whole list, but a couple of names did pop out at me. I did a quick check on and here’s the results:

Domain Estimate

Do I  think these domains are worth that price?  Well… they are not names I am in the market for and I didn’t register them (they are both still available to hand reg).  But I think the site does have potential and is a tool to watch over the coming weeks.  As I mentioned, I didn’t review all the names so there could be some prizes in there.  I’m not sure how the site or the owners generate these names, but I’d keep an eye on this site and see how it continues to develop.

finds quality unregistered domain names and list them for domainers to sort through and register.

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    Mike – thanks for the shout out, we appreciate it!

    @Arbel – is a free tool for people to use which lists thousands of domain names that people can sort through in seconds through our interface, whereas pickupnames lists 3 domains a day. Also, does not make demands such as “Once you register a domain from our list you need to pay us $5 fee per name!” as pickupnames does.


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