When great domains are put to good use

You’ve seen my posts in the past.  I love seeing excellent keyword domain names in use, even if that means they redirect to another site.  It drives me crazy to see these names on parked pages with lame links to irrelevant content.  On the other hand, when I actually get a result from typing in a name, it’s like   the planets have aligned.  I know that value is being appreciated and the names have found a good home.  Here’s some recent examples I have come across.

5 Comments When great domains are put to good use

  1. gene

    Thanks for posting this, Mike.

    I fully agree that it’s maddening to see great names – especially those sold for big money – to lead to nowhere, online.

    This is a huge problem for domainers, and very likely depresses prices in the secondary market.

    It’s one thing for a buyer to intentionally purchase a name for defensive purchases, as was done with the $35mm price paid for VacationRentals.com (https://goo.gl/ewGN3v ); but other, non-productive reasons generally hurt the market.

  2. Mobile Notary

    Not sure I consider forwards “best use” scenario. It’s better than letting it sit and not point anywhere though.

    I guess for Hand.us that makes sense?

    John at StrategicRevenue has an interested series going on the highest sales in a certain extension, and how they are developed.

  3. Eric Lyon

    I’ve always been a firm believer that every domain should be developed so that it can cover it’s own renewals and other overheads each year. It’s sad when you see ultra premium domains sitting for years undeveloped. :/


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