Whoops!! Sometimes it’s confusing when you don’t have a dot com.


Branded.me recently became Remote.com, a far better name in my opinion.  It’s not that I am opposed to dot me names in any way.  Just in comparison, Remote.com is a better name.  Plain and simple.  But that’s not the focus of this post.  It’s really about how how confusing it can be not to have a dot com domain.  Even to those developing the site.

Prior to rebranding, I was browsing the Branded.me terms and conditions page looking for an email address to contact.  When I did, I found a reference under section 16, to legal@branded.me.com.  What??  Seems someone’s typing skills went on auto pilot and added .com to the end of this email address (really, the legal guys missed this?).  We’ve all done it, I’m sure.  But it points out an inherent flaw in a TLD other than the king we all know and love, dot com.



Since rebranding of the site, this exact page no longer exists.  But you can still see an archived copy of it here if you’d like to check my facts.  Again, this isn’t a big deal as far as mistakes go, but even those working with this domain get it wrong once in a while, falling prey to the dot com etched in our minds for years to come.


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3 Comments Whoops!! Sometimes it’s confusing when you don’t have a dot com.

  1. Snoopy

    Good article but is is pretty clear that you are indeed opposed to .me names, what is wrong with just admitting that? I don’t like .me either.

    1. Mike Sullivan

      Not true. I think there are some good sites built on dot me. About.me is one that comes to mind. Still prefer dot com over dot me, no denying that.


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