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Almost Free – Domain Course

by Mike Sullivan

I have reviewed so many books on “making money” in domaining and, to be honest, was never satisfied. I’m not a tough critic overall. I mean, when it comes to movies, I can’t even think of one I’ve seen that I didn’t at least like a little. Maybe I’m just skilled at choosing movies.

Domain books are like “get rich quick” books. They mostly try to sell an easy and glamorous world where hand-registering a domain name is equal to printing your own money. Ask absolutely anyone with a shred of domain industry experience other than the author of a domain book and they will tell you otherwise.

Despite that always looming in the back of my head, for the past few years I’ve wanted to write a book on domain investing for beginners. I wanted to provide something that would have helped me when I started in domaining. I wanted to provide what the other books were lacking, information and truth. A few months back I decided to buckle down and belt out a draft. So I did.

As I was writing I was thinking, “I’m going to want to update this constantly with new information,” and a book is not a great format for that. Then I thought, “I’ll just post it on the blog for people so I can make updates.” That sounded good, but I also wanted it to be organized and not just a bunch of blog posts strung together. Finally, I wanted people to take it seriously. When I see something for free, I often (and perhaps erroneously) judge it as having no value.

I landed with structuring the book as an online course, available on my blog. This way, I can get feedback and make updates and continually improve the material.

I want to share the information that I have gathered over the years to help those of you just getting started. Although this information is worth far more, I am currently offering this course for just $3 (hence, almost free). I don’t know that I will always offer this price, but it’s what I am doing at the moment. I am doing this because:

  1. I want this course to be affordable to everyone, regardless of their financial status.
  2. I am asking for “something” (just $3) because I want you to realize it has value and to take the course seriously.
  3. I want you to provide me feedback on how well this course prepares you to be a successful domain investor so I can make it better and better.

If you are an experienced domainer and have put in your time, no need to go through this material… although you could, it wouldn’t hurt and you could provide your input on what could be improved or added 🙂 You could also pass this on to any of the beginners you come across, throwing them a lifeline and giving them a step up.

Regardless, I am happy to provide this guide for new domainers and I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Feel free to share the link, post it on Facebook groups for domainers or anywhere you think you think it would be helpful.

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