Contributing to

I have some news to share.  I’ve officially signed on as a writer with  I’m very excited to be apart of this group of talented individuals. was founded by Brian Null, and entrepreneur himself, and climbs into the minds of entrepreneurs to learn about them and their business strategies.  Here is a description from the site itself: interviews entrepreneurs from all walks, across all industries, and from around the world. We focus on their habits and methods; what makes them tick. The primary focus of is entrepreneurship.

M.O. is the abbreviation for Modus Operandi or Method of Operating and we interview entrepreneurs to learn about their methods and to share their strategies and business philosophies with our readers.

We’re entrepreneurs ourselves and we get energized talking with others that have traveled down the same path of launching a new business or folks that are just about to embark on the adventure of starting a business.

This is right up my alley and I’m looking forward to contributing.  How will this impact my blog?  The plan is that it won’t impact it at all.  I’ll continue writing and posting interviews on my blog as well.  Now you’ll just have two places you can find me.  Once specific to domains, and the other specific to entrepreneurs.

I highly encourage you to visit the site and read through the interviews there.  There is much to be gained from doing so.


13 Million Visits in One Day

Yesterday, I made a leap.  I pre-ordered the iPhone 4.  A big change for me because it means giving up my stable relationship with Verizon Wireless that I have had for many years.  I’ve not been a big fan of the Blackberry.  I’ve owned an iPod Touch for about a year and my only two complaints were lack of a camera and lack of 3G connection.  So I’m really not concerned about AT&T dropped calls.  I’ll be using it more for the data access.  That said, I had some serious struggles on the site when ordering, as I expected.  I think they did the best they could with a volume of 600,000 orders in one day.  I know it took me several attempts so I can only imagine the number of visitors to the Apple site.  AT&T reported 13 million visits where current users could check for upgrade eligibility.  Amazing numbers.

That prompted me to look at  I was thinking what a great name for a site that could be used to pre-order popular electronics or even other items such as concert tickets.  There is a site at, but it is disappointing.  It appears to be online store, but the items listed are not in the pre-order category.  Further disappointing, clicking on any of the links leads to a 404 error page.  I’m hoping that the owners are working on something and the current site isn’t their final attempt. (singular) is also owned, but shows the hosting default page at the moment.  It pains me to see good names under utilized.  Perhaps there will be great things to come from these domains.  I’ll keep an eye on them and let you know.


Behind the Blogger

I really like when I’m reading one of the blogs I subscribe to and the author goes off on a more personal note.  You know, he mentions something about his wife, the town he lives in, or the conversation he was having with a friend over lunch.  It gives some personality to the writer and gives you a peek into his or her world.  I think that makes future posts even more interesting because you are getting to know the blogger.  You start to develop a perception.  Maybe you like this too, or maybe you don’t. But I’m going to give you that chance now.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, today is my boys’ birthday.  They are identical triplets and today they turn 7 years old.  It’s great to see how far they have come.  I also have a daughter that’s only a year and a half older than the boys.  I thought I’d share a video I put together after the first few years, to give you a peek into my world.  I’ve shared this with some of my DBR friends and thought you might enjoy it as well.  Life is good.