ICANN 60 Day Rule

60 day delay in transferring domains

ICANN 60 Day Rule

The learning continues… today I tried to transfer one of my recently registered domains, DJHQ.net, from one registrar to another only to find out about the ICANN 60 day rule.  As stated by a Moniker representative, “The rule states that the domain name have to be more than 60 days old before you can move it to another registrar.”

This is news to me, as an amateur in the field.  Of course, I have never had a  reason to transfer a domain so quickly in the past.  It’s not that I sold this domain, but I was looking to switch it over to a registrar that partnered with Snapnames.  I am going to try to sell a domain or two there as an experiment, to see how the process works.  I’m also going to try some other avenues to just test the waters.  But it’s good to know about the 60 day rule as I’m sure it ultimately impacts the sale of domains if the ability to transfer registrars is impacted.

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