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Let’s face it.  NO ONE likes to get unsolicited emails.  It’s no different than receiving an unsolicited call on you cell phone or landline (yeah, I still have a land line, I blame my wife).  It just seems rude.  When I see a junk email in my inbox, I typically delete it before even opening it.  This is the modern day version of not getting past the receptionist.  It’s a huge challenge for marketers and if you’re a domainer that sends out emails, it’s a huge barrier for you too.


I’ve been on the receiving end of domainer spam, and I am not a fan.  I don’t suggest sending out emails to every domainer you have ever heard of asking them if they want to buy your domain.  There are platforms for that and domainers know where to find them.  Don’t harass them to buy your domain.  If they are interested, they will find it.

It’s even worse when you own DecentDomainName.com and some one emails you to with Decent-Domain-Name.com or DecentDomainName.me to see if you would like to buy it because it’s close to the better name you already own.  Domainers know better.  Stop doing this.  Not a good way to make friends in the industry.

End Users

I’ve been talking about domainer to domainer sales, but lets shift to domainer to end user sales.  I am not opposed to sending emails to potential buyers that are a good fit for a domain name.  Again, I do not recommend spamming every business email address you can collect, but do a little research.  For example, if it’s a keyword domain name, narrow down to those end user businesses that sell the product or service you are targeting.  Look to see who is paying on the search engines for add placement for those key words that match your domain.  Look for print advertisements and billboards for companies that match your domain.  Look for companies that have a marketing budget and are spending online.  Be smart about where you spend your time and effort.  Don’t cast a wide net and hope for the best.

But even with a finely honed, well researched list of businesses to contact, you still need to get past the gatekeeper, or in this case, the delete button.  Monday I will talk about two ways to do just that.

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