21 days to becoming a better domainer

 When I started in the domain name industry, I knew no other domainers.  None.  I had no idea what I was doing or where to turn for answers.  I stumbled across Elliott’s Blog, now DomainInvesting.com, while I was looking for a way to sell a domain I had since the 90’s.  I pretty quickly became a regular reader and even reached out to Elliott with a couple of questions, which he patiently answer for me.  Soon, I found domaining.com and with it, several fantastic resources on the domain name industry.  I was engulfed.  I started blogging as a way to share information with my fellow noobs and to learn from those that were succeeding in the industry.  That was 8 years ago.

I’ve learned an amazing amount in the years since I began and I’ve met dozens of great people.

Monday I’m kicking off a series called 21 Days to Becoming a Better Domainer.  This is intended for those fairly new to the industry and struggling to make any progress.  That’s not to say that a seasoned domainer won’t find value in this but it is written with the beginner in mind.

Domainers at any level will find subtle reminders and perhaps inspiration in some of the posts in the series.  These may be things you’ve done or observed in the past and things you continue to do today.  Nothing I’ll be talking about is particularly groundbreaking, amazing, or a secret ritual only shared among the hidden society of elite domainers.  It’s instead, a plan to get beginners up to speed faster and a reminder to those who have been in the industry for a while.   Sometimes it’s easy to forget the fundamentals.

I would love to hear feedback from the beginners and comments from the seasoned pros as the series rolls out.  Tell me where I’m wrong or where your experience has differed.  There is nothing to lose here and everything to gain.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Day 1 – Read Domaining.com Daily

Day 2 – Comment on 3 Blogs

Day 3- Join a Domain Message Forum

Day 4 – Keep Notes or a Journal

Day 5 – Reach Out to 3 Domainers / Bloggers You Respect

Day 6 – Take Stock of Your Inventory

Day 7 – Develop One of Your Names

Day 8 – Answer One Question…

Day 9 – Play Devil’s Advocate

Day 10 – Listen Beyond Domaining

Day 11 – Invest in Yourself

Day 12 – Contribute

Day 13 – Do this Right and Your Sales Will Increase

Day 14 – The Best Domain Post

Day 15 – Time to Sell Some Domain Names

Day 16 – How much are Domains Selling for?

Day 17 – The Domain Sales Email

Day 18 – Can reading a book make you a better domainer?

Day 19- Time to Make the Call

Day 20 – Reflect on Your Experience

Day 21 – Feedback