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by Mike Sullivan

I bring almost  20 years of business experience to my readers and a bit of a different twist than other blogs in the industry.  I acquired my first domain name in ’93 and have been designing websites and advising clients ever since.

Advertising on Sully’s Blog will put your company, product or service if front of a concentrated audience of intelligent entrepreneurs.  Current rates are as follows:

Position 1:  460 X 60 Banner – appears in the header at the top of all pages, $299 per month

Position 2:  125 X 125 Banners – appear on all pages, $99 per month

Position 3: 460 X 60 Banner – appears at the bottom of each single page post, $199 per month

Sponsored Posts: $250 per post and includes Tweet on Twitter for promotion.  All sponsored posts will be labeled as “Sponsored Post” in order to maintain the site’s integrity.

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