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The Ultimate Domain Name Resource Guide

by Mike Sullivan

Welcome to Sully’s Blog Ultimate Domain Name Resource Guide, a list of tools and resources I have collected and leveraged over the years to buy, sell and develop domain names and  run  my business successfully.  Everything listed on this page is a resource I have had personal experience with and has contributed to where I am today.  You’ll find a wide variety of items from those that are very obvious to domaining and those you may not have considered.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that if you click and purchase from that link, I will earn a small commission on the sale.  This does not add any cost to you.  I am very honored by your trust and I assure you that I have had a positive experience with these products.  They are listed along with the others because of the value they have brought me, not for the small amount I will make if you purchase them.

I advise you not to purchase anything unless you think you will gain some value from it.



I moved the majority of my domains to GoDaddy for a couple reasons.  First, most buyers already have a GoDaddy account which makes transfers much easier.   Second, I buy a lot of domains so I joined the Discount Domain Membership which allows me to hand register a domain for $8.29 per year.  Can’t beat it. Add the fact that there is hosting, domain aftermarket and auctions, and it’s a great fit.


Domain.com is a new one for me.  I have used other services to register domains but felt they were lacking the bells and whistles (customer service) that GoDaddy.com provides. Domain.com seems to have it all together and is a good alternative if you’re not looking to put all your eggs in one basket.



There are many options for hosting these days and in my opinion, GoDaddy is a little more expensive then other options.  That said, their customer service has always stepped in for me in a pinch when something goes wrong.  I’ve used some super cheap services that are not top bad, but when there is an issue there is no phone support.  This puts Godaddy on the top of the list for me.  When I have a site that’s important and I need it to be online without fail, I go with GoDaddy.



Efty was a game changer for me.  The best thing to come to domaining since parking.  I joined Efty’s platform and shortly after had a couple inquires.  That quickly led to some sales.  That’s a simple combination that had me hooked.  I joined the premium services and have been going strong ever since.
They continue to make improvements to the system which you don’t see in many other solutions.  While, I’ve interviewed Doran and posted about the service before, I encourage you to head over and try the free version.  You”ll love it



GoDaddy makes the list again with their domain auction and premium domain listings.  I haven’t spent much time in the domain auction space here but I do have several of my domain names listed as premium domain names.  GoDaddy has partnered with Afternic and which not only gets your names listed in the GoDaddy search on their home page, but all in 100+ reseller sites.  Great exposure for your domain name if it’s a good name and priced right.  I’ve successfully sold a couple names through this service.


Sedo is a very well known platform for domainers to list domains for sale and to pick up some names as well.  You can list your names for free, set a price or choose not to, and anti up for some additional exposure.  If you have domains and you want to sell them, you are doing yourself a disservice by not listing them here.  My only advice is that if you set a price, be sure to set the same price on everyplace form you use for a particular domain name.