Available Domains For You

Available Domains For You

On Wednesday I mentioned that Dewyze.net was available and it was soon snatched up.  I enjoy researching names trying to find good keyword hand regs.  Of course, I can’t buy them all, I’m already finding my portfolio too large for me to manage.  So I thought I’d put up a few of the domains that I found available tonight, but I’m not registering… and I’ll stick to dot coms tonight.  I’m sure someone will find them profitable and get some good use out of them.  If you do pick them up, I’d love to hear about it and how you ultimate use or sell them.

A couple of decent Google exact match names:

BubbleGumSong.com – This one pops out 9,900 exact match searches

ItalianRestaurantMenu.com – Here’s a hearty portion of 5,400 exact match searches and an estibobot value of $1,400.

Here are a couple that are just sort of fun:

WirelessGameSystem.com – Could this be the next hot thing?

PersonalExecutiveAssistant.com – I need to hire one.

Good luck!

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