This week I came across some more good generic names in use by some major corporations and some by some smaller companies as well.  Even one that’s probably not owned by the company it’s pointing to, but seems highly justified.  These sites are clearly benefiting from type-in traffic and the names are being used wisely.

Just another list supporting the beauty of generic keyword domain names.

  1. BabySitters.com goes to Sitters.com
  2. Flash.com goes to Adobe.com
  3. Litter.com points to TidyCats.com
  4. Plants.com forwards to StokesTropicals.com
  5. English.com forwards to PearsonPTE.com (Pearsons Test of English)
  6. UGLY.com loads the BP.com site, although I don’t think BP is aware of this.
  7. News.com goes to news.cnet.com
  8. Kegs.com goes to www.brew-magic.com (the generic is far better than the final domain)
  9. Corks.com to AmorimCork.com
  10. Soccer.com is the doamin for Eurosport

Have some you’d like to see listed?  Send them my way and I’ll add them in a future post and credit your name in the post.

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  • Attila Reply

    lol, ugly.com loads bp.com …that is hilarious!! I literally laughed out loud when reading that…

    July 31, 2010 at 7:53 am

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