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Father’s Day And A Gift For You

by Mike Sullivan

Father’s Day is Sunday, so remember to be kind to your old man.  As I’m sure millions of Americans will be doing this weekend, I typed in “Father’s Day” into my Google search bar to see what ideas might be available for this fine day.  I was expecting to find FathersDay.com at the top of the list… or at least on the first page.  But to my surprise, (well, not really) FathersDay.com is a parked page.  The closest keyword domain name that ranked on page one of Google was FathersdayCelebration.com, and it was at the bottom of the page.

Clearly keyword domains are king and I am sure FathersDay.com will get plenty of type-in traffic to that parked page, but without some quality content, that’s likely all it will get.  Once it is developed, I would fully expect to see it on the top half on Google’s first page results for “Father’s Day.”  There is a fathers-day.com site that looks to have been whipped up in a Wordpress theme early this month, but the content isn’t really there for a great ranking.  I didn’t do the search on Bing or Yahoo, due to sheer laziness, but it did get me thinking.  When developing a site, it would be great to track your efforts and see how well you are ranking over time across multiple search engines, and to see how your SEO investment is paying off.  Even better, you’ll want to know how you rank among those sites you are competing against.

I spoke with Korina Stark at WebPosition, an all-online service that offers a way to easily track keyword performance, position changes and trends in your search engine placement.  Korina provided some sample reports based on the key words “Father’s Day,” using Wikipedia.com as the benchmark.  Here are the results from the all-new, all-online WebPosition® Reporter.  Notice the spike as we get closer to Father’s Day?

Website Ranking Chart

Click to Enlarge

Webposition is a online subscription tool that offers a free version as well.  Additionally, Korina is providing free vouchers to 3 readers who will be selected at random. Each is valued at $45.  To be eligible, just post a comment on this article and I will contact you next week.  After using the service, I’d love to hear your comments and possibly even do a follow up post.

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tricolorro June 19, 2010 - 9:51 am


WebPosition looks like a fabulous useful tool.

It seems like almost every day some useful tool or resource is revealed.

I don’t know how to keep up and make sense of it all.

Happy Father’s Day!

John Humphrey June 19, 2010 - 11:39 pm

Interesting. Great idea.

The Fromainer June 20, 2010 - 1:22 pm

Another useful tool to add to my domaining arsenal. Simple and effective.

Thanks Sully.


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