If Sex Sells, This Domain Is A Winner

If Sex Sells, This Domain Is A Winner

I went to the Mayhem festival last night with a friend of mine whose duty it is to keep me young.  The show featured 5FDP, Lamb of God, Rob Zombie and Korn.  I went primarily to see Korn, but Rob Zombie definitely stole the show.  But I digress from my point.   Wandering around while some of the lesser known bands were playing, I saw the booth for I Love Vagina clothing company.  Not a brand I was previously familiar with.  The company sells hats, t-shirts, jewelry, and other miscellaneous items.  Obviously it wasn’t their line of products that caught my eye, but the name of the company…. and the domain name ILoveVagina.com.

While there are plenty of companies that sell similar items, I can’t think on one with a more memorable name.  It’s also a name that is somewhat edgy and laughable to the point where you feel the need to talk about it (or at least I do).  That builds in automatic and free publicity.  In fact, the friend I was with posted a picture of the booth on Facebook with the caption “This is a publicly held company.  Every man wants a share.”  Now imagine the thousands of concert goers at this show and the marketing effect that might have.

I mainly focus on standard generic keyword domains on my blog, but don’t feel limited to that.  A little creativity can go a long way.  Think outside the box.

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  • Jim Reply

    So you’re a metalhead Mike? Grew up listening to Korn and the like but I have to say, Lamb of God are easily one of my favourite metal bands of today. Saw them in London on their tour to promote ‘Wrath’ a year or so ago, incredible musicianship!

    Oh yeah, cool domain name!

    July 31, 2010 at 1:52 pm
  • Sully Reply

    I like some heavy bands and some lighter stuff too. Really quite a mix.

    July 31, 2010 at 4:08 pm

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