Mashable Summer Tour

Mashable Summer Tour

I attended the final stop on Mashable’s US Summer Tour last night in Chicago.  It was the first of any Internet related events that I have attended and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect., being a social media guide, set the atmosphere for some great social networking.  There was open bar and some light food.  I met several Public Relations representatives from all over the Midwest.  I also had a chance to meet a fellow domianer.

While not a domain specific event, I did find it beneficial to attend.  I met some some great people and some of the well known in the social networking circles.  I sat down with Sarah Evans (@prsarahevans) who was doing some streaming video interviews with  We talked a bit about my blog and the domaining industry.  Sarah’s first reaction was similar to others I met last night.  When I mentioned domain investing and developing, the common comment was “so you’re one of the guys that buys up all the good company names.”  I took it pretty lightheartedly and set the record straight with the folks I had the chance to talk to.

I’ll definitely attend this one if it comes around next summer and I’m looking forward to getting involved in domain related events where possible.

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