Recycling Domain Buyers

Recycling Domain Buyers

Buyers are not always easy to come by when dealing with domain sales.  Often times, the perfect buyer for a domain doesn’t realize its value to his or her business and will let it go by.  Opportunity missed.  But other times, a buyer sees the opportunity at a great price and grabs it.  Obviously the latter is what we would like to see more of.  Eduction on the topic is a big thing, but may sellers don’t want to invest the time and find that it is challenging when they do invest the time.

One way to maximize your sales is to recycle your buyers.  Let me give you and example to illustrate.  I mentioned  some days ago that I made a sale through Snapnames.  It was under $500 once the commission was subtracted.  Snapnames does not provide the buyer information once a sale is made, but I was able to see who the new registrant was by doing a simple WhoIs look up.  I then contacted the new owner several days later with some related names that I had and offered a deal if he purchased the package.  This turned my original $500 sale into several times that amount.

Look for opportunities.  They’re out there.  You just need to get a little creative sometimes.

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