Update on My Amazon Affiliate Site

Update on My Amazon Affiliate Site

At the end of June, I posted about testing SiteDepot.com‘s low cost Amazon affiliate offer. Mike Cohen put a affiliate store on “Mens-Razors.com” for me. It’s been a few weeks and I just thought I’d provide an update.

First let me say, I have done NOTHING with the site whatsoever. I’ve done zero on-page and off-page as far as SEO. I don’t think I have even gone back to look at the site in a couple of weeks. Today, I checked my Amazon Associate Central page and saw that there were 2 sales. Commission totaled less than a buck, but to be honest, I was expecting nothing.

I checked my Google Analytics for the site and it’s getting very low traffic. Interestingly though, it has a page 1 ranking on Yahoo for the term “razor” and is #1 on Yahoo for “mens razors”, “men’s razors”, “mens razor” and “men’s razor”. Not too bad, but I don’t value Yahoo results all that much since it seems to be a fading source as a search engine / directory. Most of the traffic has come from Yahoo, second only to my blog. No sign of the domain on Google.

I’m focusing on other things at the moment, so I doubt I will have any time to improve upon the Google rankings in the coming weeks. If that changes, I’ll provide an update and let you know what changes I see.

So, after a few weeks, my assessment is that SiteDepot.com’s Amazon solution is definitely not a “set it and forget it” deal (nor did anyone claim it was). You’ll need to invest time in improving rankings, linking, etc. in order to see results.

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  • Bobby Reply

    Thanks for sharing. There’s nothing better for business than word of mouth so Mike is getting a bump up after taking a pounding a few weeks ago.

    It won’t matter which platform you choose you’ll have to constantly keep working.

    Epik, SiteDepot, and all the others after will only work as a ‘net within the net’ — and that won’t ever work.

    Plan to develop.

    July 27, 2010 at 9:45 am
  • Attila Reply

    I’ve had 5 sites done by Mike as well. I should of took his advice and not develop 3 electronic sites. However I am what I am and learned my lesson to consider others advice who have more experience in it.

    Least be said, one of my sites get around 3-4k uniques a month and “made” about avg $200 a month.

    Recently Amazon changed their way of doing things and “re-confirms” with the end user shopper if they want to add all products to their amazon shopping cart rather then just adding it automatically and letting them checkout immediately. So because of this, I noticed a HUGE drop in revenue. Sadly, its only making about 50-70% of what it was making before.

    However if you get the targeted traffic there, you will be bound to get some sales.

    Hope my comments have helped someone.

    July 28, 2010 at 5:25 am

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