Utilize Upper and Lowercase

Utilize Upper and Lowercase

Not everyone can have, or even wants, a great generic domain name.  If you are an end user and want to use your company name, that’s fine.  But to make the most of it, especially if it’s a long name, utilize both upper and lowercase letters.  Take a look at the photo I captured  of this truck (through the windshield of my car).  What caught my eye was the length of the domain and how challenging it was to interpret at a glance.  While the phone number is easy enough to remember, the letters in www.splendorkoiandpond.com seem to run together.

My first suggestion would be a shorter, more memorable name.  That aside, it would be easier for customers to read if upper and lowercase letters were used to divide the words.  www.SplendorKoiAndPond.com is a little easier to read.  Take it one step further and drop the “www,” that’s no longer necessary and hasn’t been relevant in quite some time on most servers.  So now we have SplendorKoiAndPond.com as opposed to www.splendorkoiandpond.com.  Much better.

Turns out that the company also utilizes SplendorKoi.com, which in my opinion, is even better.  Two words as opposed to four.  My guess is that the truck was painted before the shorter name was acquired.  Remember, the goal is for your customers to remember your domain, so make it easy on them.

There is a lot to be said for the font or script used in written versions of domains.  I’ll try to post an example of that soon.

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  • steve Reply

    What a stupid domain.
    Here let me stop and spend 10 seconds to remember that domain.

    They still don’t get it. worthless domain examples #10320343

    July 23, 2010 at 4:15 pm

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