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Back to Business

I just returned from my family road trip to Florida.  We spent a week on the beach and then a couple of days in Disney World.  No major disasters and traveling 20 hours each way with 4 kids really wasn’t bad at all.  It’s always great to take a trip, but even better to come home.

I enjoyed the family time, but I neglected my blog a bit while I was away.  I did managed to get a few posts in.  It’s time to get back to business.  For now, here are a few miscellaneous items I want to mention briefly.

  • Hopefully you have read my interview with Elliot Silver which was posted over at today.  I’ve mentioned Elliot here a few times and there is much to be learned from his blog.  He’s a model for success in the domain business.
  • “.CO” is all the rage at the moment.  I actually saw a tweet the other day that said “It’s supposed to be bigger than .com.”  I am no expert, but I think we will see that there are a couple of successful .CO’s in the pack and that will be about it.  My guess is that it will be like most of the other tld releases we have seen.  I think “.xxx” would be more successful.  What .CO has going for it is that it’s a typo of .com.  Time will tell.
  • Finally, I was somewhat productive while on vacation.  I acquired the domain in a private transaction.  I am currently working with a couple of different parties to try to strike a development deal.  I’d prefer to keep this one, but I may end up selling.  Too early to tell.  I’ll keep you posted with the progress on this one because I think it will make for some good posts going forward.  I’d also like to hear any ideas you might have about this domain.  Post a comment and let me know.

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