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How to Write Outbound Domain Sales Emails that Get Results

by Mike Sullivan

When it comes to selling domain names, you have a few of options to leverage. You can list them on a sales platform like Sedo or Etsy and wait for buyers to find your name. You can seek out buyers and hope you’re targeting the right demographic. Or, you can do both, which is actually what you should be doing. Sounds simple but it’s not that straight forward.

Why is it so hard?

It’s not. Newer domainers are anxious to sell and may be firing off emails only to find they are getting little to no results. This is not because of the lack of ambition or hard work. It’s typically because they don’t have the experience to know what an end user is looking for when an unsolicited email hits their inbox. It may also be because they have not done a great job targeting their prospects, although they believe they have. Even an experienced domainer can make these mistakes if they have not been learning and refining their craft over the years.

These are minor mistakes or errors in judgement that have an enormous impact on your results. If your email doesn’t get opened or isn’t taken seriously, there will be no sales in your future.

What’s the solution?

Tony Robbins said in his best selling book Unlimited Power, “If you want to achieve success, all you need to do is find a way to model those who have already succeeded.”

I have been blogging in the domain industry since 2010. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way and in doing so, I have fine tuned my strategy and email content to maximize the results I achieve.

I have received emails soliciting domain names that I was not at all interested in. I rewrote those emails to see what would appeal to me, to determine what would get my attention.

I’ve sent out hundreds, if not thousands of emails and paid very close attention to the differences, A/B Testing along the way. I found some of theses changes, these small nuances, made a tremendous difference in my results.

The book, Domain Sales Emails that Work, includes free tools and resources as well as outbound sales email templates that I have refined and found success with. You are free to use these samples and examples to sell your own names. If you follow these email templates and the strategies that go along with them, you are sure to increase your domain name sales and take your game to a whole new level, all for the price of one hand registered domain.

If you are struggling to sell your domain names through email, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

Note: As requested, here is a link to the book on GumRoad.

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