Great Domain Entrepreneurs

Great Domain Entrepreneurs

Over the past month or so, I have had the great privilege to be one of the writers on Brian Null’s  This has been an incredible opportunity to meet some of the most amazing entrepreneurs and hear their stories.  Many left successful careers to follow their dreams.  Others have started several successful businesses that are so diverse, it’s hard to imagine the same single person creating each of them.  Some are young and got an early jump on success.  Others are more experienced and well calculated.  Among my favorites are those related to domaining, of course.

I highly enjoyed interviewing the domainers listed below and their amazing stories.  With each interaction I gained inspiration and lessons to apply forward.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read these interviews for yourself, as well as all the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs at

Peter Frank – College student and owner of, the controversial hot spot for college students, boasting upwards of a half million pageviews per day.

Eric Borgos – Sold for over $4 million and owns over 9,000 domains.

Elliot Silver – You know him… Stepped away from corporate America and is now a successful domain entrepreneur and top blogger.

I’m looking forward to more success stories at and having the opportunity to engage with these successful individuals and often brilliant minds.  I’ll be sure to highlight and share the stories of domainers as I continue to meet them.

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