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Day 20 – Reflect on your experience

by Mike Sullivan

Day 20 of 21 days to becoming a better domainer and today is about taking a look back on what has worked and what has not.  It’s only been 20 days, but periodically, you need to stop and take note of what’s been going on.  Often times, you’ll get so caught up in the hustle of doing that you forget to pay attention.  You need to check in with yourself an discover what’s working well for you, what is not, and make some adjustments.

An example might be your email pitch.  If you’ve sent out hundreds of emails and have gotten no replies, there are plenty of things you need to analyze and revisit.  Here are some questions to ask.

  1.  Is my email server actually working?
  2. Does my title suck so bad that everyone is deleting my emails?
  3. Are the names I’m trying to sell of no interest to anyone?
  4. Am I targeting the right audience?
  5. Is this the most effective medium I should use?

I’m sure you could come up with plenty more to help you get to a better place.  May you need to do some research on writing sales emails.  Maybe you need to do some research on investing in better domains.  What you know for sure is you need to take action and try something different.  Then, after some time, you need to stop and ask yourself if that change has had an impact.

Another example might be that you found when making sales calls, you actual make a sale every 1 in 50 calls.  If that’s the case, you know how many calls you need to target for your next sale.  You can also ask yourself how you can improve that rate.

  1. Am I calling the right people?
  2. Am I saying the right thing?
  3. Is there a better time of day I should be calling?
  4. Should I speak with a British accent?
  5. Any patterns that can be identified?

It could be that you find that by calling before 8am you are more likely to get a hold of the company owner, thus the decision maker.  Maybe most of your successes happen on Tuesday’s after 10am and before 2pm.  Then you know when you need to spend your time making calls and when not to.

You could be making more meaningful contacts at one particular domain message forum than another.  It may be worth your time adjusting home much time you spend on each site.

There are hundreds of other things you could assess.  The answer to all these questions can also change over time.  That’s why it’s important to stop and look around every once in a while.  The grind is great.  The hustle is power.  But you just want to make sure you are doing the right things more often.  Call it sharpening the saw, call it the 80/20 rule, call it whatever you want. Just make sure you do it.

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