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I hate domaining

by Mike Sullivan

I was recently on a trip that required a decent Uber ride from Philadelphia International airport to southern New Jersey.  It was late, I was tired, and just sort of taking in the sites as we drove along.  I was reading the billboards as a sort of a way to pass the time.  Then I saw it.  Genius.

Who the hell is Steven Singer and who hates him enough to take out an entire billboard add?  I quickly typed the URL into my phone to see what was going on.  I could see it now, this guy Steven Signer, messed with the wrong guy and this guy is now taking his revenge.   It has to be big, lots of money involved to get this heated.  But as the site loaded… it was Steven Singer Jewelers.  Not a real hate site.  I’d been tricked.  Deceived.  Now I too hate Steven Singer.

But wow, what a concept.  Apparently this has been a commonly seen Steven Singer phrase in the Philadelphia area since the early 2000’s.  News to this Chicagoan.

“I hate” domaining or “insert name here sucks” domaining is a real thing and can be an effective marketing strategy as well.   We’ve all seen this with our favorite (or least favorite) politicians.  We also saw this back in the day within our own domain circle with a ChefPatrickSucks.com domain controversy that I’d rather not revisit.  Good to see it’s now pointing to Patrick’s business.

If you choose to go down this path, I would proceed with caution.  If you are using this against a competitor or foe, I can only imagine legal issues could follow.  You may consider invoking it as a defensive strategy as it appears Chef Patrick has done.  You may even consider it as a marketing strategy as Steven Singer Jewelers has done.

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