Keyword Domain Testimonials

“Over three-quarters of all unique visitors are via direct navigation and over 80% are those that have never been before.”

Jon Yau,

“I want the best name possible as a starting point and then create my brand from there. With a domain name like, you have immediate authority…”

Wayne Gathright,

“Certainly there are inherent advantages to owning such a “juiced” domain. It gives us the ability to brand ourselves in much more powerful ways.”

Omar Sayyed, the COO behind

“Since acquiring the name in 2006, our business have been transformed. First, the organization is perceived to be an authoritative website. I also believe that a good name give prospective customers the confidence to do business with us because they feel we are *the* company to work with.”

David Ciccarelli is the CEO and founder of

“…the domain name opened many doors and opportunities for our company.”

Paul Rubillo, CEO/Founder of

“The domain provided a great platform for our customers to find and buy various baby products. It was also instrumental in cutting our expenses and successfully building our brand reputation.”

Matt Lindenberg, Associate Director of Marketing at

“No denying that owning this domain gives us some weight and respectability. Also no denying that direct traffic to the site is a great advantage.”

Marc Braunstein, VP Business Development at

“Not only does it have high brand recall, but it also adds a lot of credibility to the story when working out deals with partners and suppliers. Customers trust the brand and that helps to convert shoppers into customers.”

Stan Sandberg, co-founder of

“I believe that the public’s ability to instantly remember the name of the site plays a huge part in its success.”

David Costello,

“The domain has been the smartest thing we ever did, I think. It gives us credibility as a market leader, it’s an easy domain for people to remember, and ranks well in search engines.”

Mike Faith,

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