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Rick Schwartz is Reading My Mind

by Mike Sullivan
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I prepared a domain related book review that I will be publishing later this month and in it (not a spoiler) I mention veterans like Rick and also newer domainers.  By newer, I mean those that weren’t on the domain train the moment it left the station, but had to catch it a bit further down the line.   Then, to my delight, I see a post by Rick yesterday declaring exactly what I was going for. It Does Not Matter WHEN you got into Domaining, It Matters WHERE you are Going!

Sure, we would all love to have purchased the names Rick purchased back in the golden days, but we didn’t.  That doesn’t mean there still isn’t a way to make money in domaining.  In fact, we see entrepreneurs buying high dollar premium domain names all the time because they know the value they hold for their startup.  We also see smaller opportunities with non-dot-coms, domain hacks (hate the term, but yeah, I used it), as well as domain books, blogs, coaching, brokering, name suggestion tools, and more.  There is not a limit. Don’t think narrow with an eye on only single keyword  domain names that cost more than your house.  There are other opportunities.

Rick is a little more “in your face” than I am about things, but here are some of the facts he places right in front of us:

– “Plenty of people were in domaining YEARS before me!”

– “Not only did I start domaining in 1995, I restarted again from scratch in 1998 after I leased out all my domains”

-“I repeated that one more time around 2005.”

-“And then starting in 2016 thru mid 2018 I started once again.”

-“Go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

I don’t know of a single repository listing names and net worth of late-to-the-game-domainers who have done quite well, but these individuals are out there.  Plenty of them.  Yeah, it takes work.  It’s not easy.  You need to think. Use your ingenuity.  But you can do it.

Thanks to Rick for reminding us all of what’s possible and starting out 2019 with a little tough-love motivational ass-kicking.  Sometimes we need it.


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Samit January 9, 2019 - 11:19 am

“Don’t think narrow with an eye on only single keyword domain names that cost more than your house. ”

I agree with the ‘costing more than your house’ bit, unless you’re an end user with a certified use case.

However, single word keywords are my stock in trade, so much so that unless it’s in the dictionary, I’ll rarely even bother looking at it.

I do venture to alt gtlds and cctlds to keep costs down, but you’d be surprised how reasonable entry is in some of these extensions (high $xxx – low $x,xxx) even for the top 500 keywords.

Misspelled words or cute missing vowels might look nice, but lead to a lot of traffic drain.


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