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Angry Author Attacks Sully

by Mike Sullivan
domain book review

Back in January I did a review on a domaining book I read.  It wasn’t my first review nor will it be my last.  I’m an avid reader, and I call them like I see them.  There are dozens of books on domaining and to date, I have only found a select few that I think have any value.

I invite you to read the review and then the authors reaction in the comments below it.  I’d like to hear your opinions to better understand if I was out of line.  I appreciate your feedback!

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Michael Anthony Castello April 25, 2019 - 12:56 pm

We now are living in a world where everything is pretty much gamed and everyone gets offended for anything. His reaction to your post was typical and predictable. What might be garbage to some, may be treasure to others. I agree that exceptional talents are seldom understood by the masses these days.

Most have no rudder and steer aimlessly in waters that have been charted many times successfully before. Why? A. Because everyone now has a distribution channel, which appears to give them authority, and most fake the truth and their relevance or entitlement to it. Truth now can be anything you want because there are no penalties for bad decisions. It leads to chaos and there will be much more of it in the future.

Don’t worry about what the author wrote you. Just thank him for reading your critique. If he was secure in his knowledge it wouldn’t bother him and he’d learn from it. It’s not personal unless you make it so.

I read you blog and know you have enough experience in what you are writing for it to be beneficial for others. The pyramid of success is much smaller at the top for good reason. Don’t listen to the bottom dwellers. They obviously don’t heed advice and won’t try to improve themselves. Failure is a big part of success but you must quantify those failings and successes as a means to an end. Otherwise it’s all drivel.

BTW, you misspelled Costello’s. It’s Castello’s. 😉

Mike Sullivan April 25, 2019 - 1:33 pm

Michael, thanks for the comment. Great to hear your perspective. “Oops!” on the misspelling. I may have mentioned to you that Costello is a family name on my mothers side, so I’ll probably make that mistake again sometime 🙂


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