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Better alternative to sending domain sales emails from free platforms like Gmail

by Mike Sullivan
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I’ve discussed in a previous post how important the subject line of your email is when it comes to selling domain names. The first step toward success, once the email is in your prospects inbox, is to get the email clicked on so that it will be open and looked at, if not fully read from start to finish. Once you get past that hurdle, there are still several hurdles you face before winning over the reader.

A critical factor in your success overall is determined by how credible you appear to be as a seller of domain names. A major factor in determining this, or at least in influencing the perception of this, is in the origin email address you use to send your sales email. If you are still leveraging the hotmail email address you landed back in 2001, you’re starting off on the wrong foot.

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This is beginning to hold true for more trusted email platforms such as Gmail, as well. The reason for this is because the volume of spam mail that we all receive on a daily basis and the percentage that come from disposable email addresses provided by these free platforms are making us trust less, and rightfully so.

The easiest way to add a little credibility to your email offer is to send it from an email address tied to something more credible than a burner email. When I say something more credible, I am talking about something tied to a domain name you own and that has something hosted on it. Maybe it’s your blog. Maybe it’s your self made home page or a lander page on a platform like Efty.com.

The domain you use needs to be something other than a parked page and should be business and/or domain name related. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a domain portfolio business. Often times, I send emails from my web design business address. Other times from my domain blog. It depends on the name I am sending and what I feel will generate a better response. In any case, I don’t send it from my personal gmail account. You want to use and email address that, when they type in the domain to learn more about you, they will find something that doesn’t look untrustworthy.

You can also help to increase the trustworthiness of your outbound email by adding some trust indicators in the email body itself. Simple things such as a physical address in your signature that is linked to a map.

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