First Submission

First Submission

I submitted my first set of names to the newsletter today.  The submission is for the first newsletter of 2010 and will focus on Stamps, Watches and Coins.  I submitted over 15 names and we’ll soon see if any are picked up for the newsletter.  If so, which, if any, sell as a result.  If they don’t get picked up or sell, I actually have a plan for developing a site which I will tie all the domains to, which was really my original intention.  As luck has it, this same theme will be the focus of the first newsletter.

This is really my first test to see if I really get what domaining is all about.  There is definitely a chance that none of the names will be selected, or that some will and I haven’t accurately valuated them.  Time will soon tell and I will share what I have learned.

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