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by Mike Sullivan

I thought it would be great to reference some information direct from Google on the value of keyword domains, so I headed over to the Google help center.  Of course, after several minutes of searching and finding no results, I decided to call Google and ask the question directly. But wait…. there is no support number listed in the help center, at least not one that I could find.  So back to Google for a search.  I entered “Google Contact” and the first listing provided what I was looking for.  It was www.google.com/contact/ (ok, maybe I should have thought of that first). And a phone number!!  I’m in luck!!

1 650-253-0000

After a messaging directing me back to the help center and some other suggestions, I was told to press “5” for customer service.   After doing so, I was given three options 1- to add my site to the index, 2- delete the cached copy of a page from the index, or 3- other.   My question seemed like “other” to me so I selected 3.  The friendly recorded voice then told me that I Google does not provide live support.

Of course I wouldn’t just let it end so easily.  I called back and dialed zero.  I surprisingly, it actually led to a live person.  I asked my question as directly as possible and was told something along the lines of “You can find an answer to that question in the help center.”  When I explained that I tried and couldn’t find that information, I was told Google does not offer live support and the person on the phone could not provide the information.

Interesting… I wonder if other companies could survive with a support system in place similar to this?

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s May 13, 2010 - 7:59 am

NO. Google is way to busy manipulating the SERPS for their ad campaigns to help a customer. A customer at Google is defined as an entity that spends over 5 figures a day on Adsense. Everybody else is just an end user.

Sully May 13, 2010 - 8:57 am

I’m following up with a written letter to Google. I’ll keep you posted on any response.


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