Learning Continues

Learning Continues

I’ve spent the last couple of months reading blogs, following news letters, submitting domains and just generally learning all I can.  Learning, not only by reading and research, but also by making mistakes.  I once heard someone say “You can teach by being and example of what to do, or by being a warning of what not to do.”   While I strive for the former, I will share  my experiences of the latter.

Like many inexperienced domainers, I spent a lot of time collecting hand registered domain names.  Luckily, I had a few that had some value and I have at this point broken even with just two sales.  So now, any income made from my remain domains will be profit.  Some of the remaining domains I will renew at the end of the year if they haven’t sold and others I will probably let drop.  Any purchases I make from this point will be well researched and well thought out. I’m going to start to move from acquiring domains to developing a few that I have.

On that topic, there are some tools commonly used.  Probably the most common is the Google Keyword Tool.  By filtering on exact match, this tool allows you to see how often a certain phrase is searched in Google per month.  Valuable not only to domainers, but to end users as well.  A target of 1,000 monthly searches seems to be a minimum suggested standard, but if some cases you’ll find a domain worth grabbing that is less than that.

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