Some Quick Hits

Some Quick Hits

There have been a couple of interesting developments in the domaining world.  First ICANN ruled on Friday to allow Chinese characters for suffixes handed out by Chinese and Taiwanese Internet registries.  I don’t know if this is accurate, but Google translate shows “com” as 的.  That seems like a big piece of news since only the prefix was previously allowed to use Chinese characters.

Next, the .xxx news is everywhere, so I won’t rehash.  But I do want to point out that it is among the better tlds that I have seen and will likely be more successful than some of the others <cough> .tel <cough>.  I can see this sweeping the adult industry, but I don’t see much use for it outside of that.  But clearly the adult industry is huge, so there is plenty of room there.  Don’t count on anyone giving up their .coms though.

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