– Not Just a Name, But a Concept – Not Just a Name, But a Concept is the home of Communications Counselors, LLC.  Steven Cony talks about the company and how it is using the domain.  He assists clients with both conceptual and production phases of their marketing and business communications programs. Working with associates, he designs and produces brochures, websites, advertising, direct mail campaigns and trade show displays. He works with several categories of marketers whose messages must contain both rational and emotional appeals in order to sell the product.

Mr. Cony is a marketing communications professional with significant experience in the design, development and implementation of both business-to-consumer and business-to-business campaigns and programs. His consumer experience ranges from franchise quick service restaurants to photographic goods to automobiles.  He served as vice president – senior account manager for several advertising agencies, including J. Walter Thompson Co. and Young & Rubicam. He supervised accounts such as Eastman Kodak, Burger King, Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer Associations and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Mike: Tell me a little bit about Communications Counselors LLC.

Steven:  Communications Counselors LLC is a marketing communications resource.  Yes, I am a consultant, but that term has endless definitions.  I help small to mid-size businesses with the strategic planning of their marketing message.  Then my associates and I go on to create and produce brand identity, websites, collateral materials, videos, direct mail, trade show displays and virtually any marketing tool needed.  It is one-stop shopping.

I have owned this practice since 1989

Mike:  Where did you come up with the thought to use the domain name as opposed to the company name or something else?

Steven:  The company name is much too long.  The theme line I wrote for the practice (the tag line, if you wish) is “Bigger Ideas, Better Results.”  Biggerideas (plural) was taken, so the domain became

Mike:  How has the domain been beneficial to the company so far?

Steven:  Of course, people remember it.  Every time I say it, it is really a value statement about the practice.  Every single communication about my practice includes strong reference to Bigger Ideas and Better Results – including my voicemail greeting.

Mike:  What do your clients think of your domain name?

Steven:  My clients don’t say much.  They think of the business as “Steve Cony.”

Mike:  Are you using any online or offline marketing strategies to promote the site?

Steve:  No.  People really do not buy marketing consulting relationships from a Web search.  At least, not in my experience.  I use my website more as a credential than as a selling tool.

Mike:  What advice would you give to someone looking for a domain name for their business?

Steve:  Keep it short.  The longer the domain name, the more opportunity for typos when trying to reach your site.  And that creates annoyance – with your domain name and with YOU.

Mike:  Anything else you’d like to share?

Steve:  I am very pleased with the central role that the domain name and the concept of Bigger Ideas have taken in my practice – primarily because so little marketing is really distinctive and relevant to the product at the same time.  If I can get my clients more attention to their message via Bigger Ideas, then I have done my job.

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