Quick Interview with Wiggio

Quick Interview with Wiggio

Dana Lampert is CEO of Wiggio.com gave me some quick answers to some quick questions.  Wiggio is a groupware program that aims to make it easier to work in groups. The name of the company itself comes from the phrase “working in groups.”

Mike:  Tell me a little bit about yourself and your business.

Dana:  I started Wiggio when I was 22, and a senior at Cornell University.  We’re now a small team of 7, and Wiggio has over 500,000 users.  Wiggio is a simple online tool that makes it easy to work in groups.  People are creating Wiggio groups for groups from project teams to small business, non-profits, musical groups, sports teams, and social groups.

Mike:  Can you tell me what wiggio.com means or represents?

Dana:  The WIG in Wiggio stands for “working in groups” – which is what the service is all about.

Mike:  Have you received any feedback on the name from peers or customers?

Dana:  I’ve been told it’s very memorable, and sticky.  People see the word on advertisements and remember it.

Mike:  Why did you decide to chose a brandable domain name over a generic or keyword domain?

Dana:  We wanted to create a name the matches our product – unique and innovative.  We felt by making up “Wiggio” is makes us stand out and break through the clutter a bit.

Mike:  Is this your only domain name or do you owns others?  If so which domains do you own?

Dana:  We own wigio, wiggeo, and a few other spellings.

Mike: Are you willing to share your visitation statistics so far?

Dana:  Can’t share specifics, but we have over 500,000 unique users

Mike:  What type of marketing are you doing to promote the site?  Any online such as seo or ppc?  Any offline advertising?

Dana:  We do online and offline promotion.  Online is Facebook ads and Google AdWords.  Offline is geared to college students, and include posters, cards and chalk on campuses.

Mike:  Do you have any advice for others looking to chose a brandable domain name for their business?

Dana:  I think it works best when it means something, or there’s some kind of story behind it.  We get asked about the name constantly.

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