Buying is Easier Than Selling

Buying is Easier Than Selling

It’s obvious in hindsight, but when you are acquiring domain names thinking of all the potential for developing each one, everything sounds like a great idea.  But when it comes time to sell them, even the good ones, it’s not necessarily easy.  Exactly a week a go I posted that I hit the 100 mark in acquiring domains.  It’s not that I am trying to build a huge portfolio, but when I get on the topic, I go on a rampage.  In the past week, I have acquired 100  additional names, 90% of which are far better than the first 100.  I’m sure this will be the trend, or so I hope, that I improve at identifying valuable names as my experience grows.

That said, I spent some time trying to contact end users for one of my geo realestate dot com names.  To test the waters, I emailed about 12 agents in the city with a reasonable price.  Some might even say low.  Throughout the day I received 9 undeliverable mail returns.  All the addresses were taken directly from the websites of the agents.  That goes to show how little they understand about the power of the web if they can not be contacted through their own websites.  This has me a little worried about their ability to see a valuable domain when it is presented to them.

I also posted a couple of short lists on the forum.  One post was with no prices and “make an offer” as compared to the other with some reasonable prices.  How did they do?  Well, it’s been a couple of days with no comments on either, so time will tell.

On two occasions in the past week, I submitted names to the newsletter.  One submission, as mentioned in a previous post, was around the theme of coin, watches, and stamp collecting.   One of the names I submitted was accepted and in today’s newsletter.  The name was priced at $1,500.  Contact if you are interested.  Aside from the self promotion, I was pleased that one of the names was selected.  When the domain sells (notice I did not say “if”), I will post more about the experience.

I also submitted another name that was selected to appear in an upcoming newsletter.  That name is  Keep an eye out for that one.

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