Increase Your Domain Sales Through Credibility

Increase Your Domain Sales Through Credibility

I’m always looking for new and more effective ways to sell domains.  Most of my sales have been the result of emails sent to potential end users.  The challenge with this method is that I have no prior relationship built with the individual I am contacting.  There is not much to differentiate my email from the overseas discount Viagra emails or the solicitation from the Prince of Egypt who is looking to transfer $10,000,000 into their bank account to protect it from the uprising coup looking to take over the county.

It helps to include a legitimate business name and phone number in the signature line, but that’s not necessarily enough.  How can you increase your credibility in the few seconds you have before the recipients hits the delete button?  Testimonials.

A testimonial is an age old marketing tool that can lend credibility to you, your email, and what you are offering if presented properly.  It lets the reader know that others have had good experiences with you or agree with your perspective.  People look to others for advice all the time, it’s our nature.  Let’s face it, we’re easily influenced… and we want to be.

There are two sources of testimonials I would recommend for domains:

1. Satisfied Customers –
The first source is a testimonial from a satisfied customer.  “I bought from Mike and the sales of my product doubled last year. – John Doe, Bubble Gum, Inc.”  Anyone reading this, if even just slightly interested, would now start to consider what this could do for their business.

2. Expert Resources –
Let’s say you haven’t yet sold any domains or if you have, they are not to credible sources.  Maybe other domainers have bought from you and that might not fly as a testimonial.  No need to fake it, that would be more harmful to you than beneficial. Instead, look to expert resources for testimonials.  The testimonial doesn’t need to be specific to your domains or to a purchase from you.  It can be about the general value of the type of domain you are selling.  “Keyword domains are a businesses best asset when looking to maximize online exposure. – Mike Sullivan,”  (I’m sure there are better sources than me if you look around a bit).  It also doesn’t have to be an individual, it can be from an organization.  If you are looking to sell a geo domain, you might want to find a testimonial from Associated Cities to support the benefits of such a name.

I recently requested testimonials from a couple high profile clients.  I’m still waiting to hear back, but these will look great on any sales letter I send out.  Give it a shot and post a comment to let us know how it works for you.  If you’ve already employed this technique, I’d like to hear from you too.


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  • TeenDomainer Reply

    A great idea, I am going to ask for a few right now.

    November 30, 2010 at 7:18 pm

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