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Looking for a great deal?

by Mike Sullivan

Steven Apple is the general manager of JustDeals.com. He was recruited to build and market JustDeals.com and have day-to-day operational responsibilities. Steve’s background is in internet marketing and web development in the Hollywood entertainment space.

Mike:  Can you give a little background on JustDeals?

Steven: Thanks, Mike – Justdeals.com is a six month old – deal of the day – wholly-owned subsidiary of Surplus Sourcing, Inc; an 18 year old distributor of consumer electronics. This relationship with Surplus Sourcing allows JustDeals to offer deals on products that have the lowest price in the U.S. for 24 hours. We have approximately 20 full-time employees including warehouse, customer service, finance, purchasing and administration.

Mike:  You have a nice, brandable name with JustDeals.com.  Do you think another domain could get your point across as well?  Were there other names you considered?  What criteria were you looking for in a name?

Steven: The domain was purchased over a year ago from a distressed company going out of business. The name says it all; it’s what we do and what our mission is. We have other domain names in our pocket that will be used for other sites we intend to launch as branches growing out of JustDeals.com. Sites that will offer other products outside of the male driven demographics we currently have.

Mike:  Can you give any clues as to deals that might be available in the coming days or weeks?

Steven: That would spoil the surprise that drives our registered users back to our site every day. But, for you Mike, we’re offering a portable projector and a brand name digital camera for under $10 next week.

Mike:  Can you share the volume of traffic that your site receives?

Steven:  We are experiencing enormous growth due to the viral nature of our products and, most importantly, our pricing. We’ve seen thousands of Tweets pass through announcing our deals for us by followers and non followers. We are seeing approximately 300 to 350K uniques per month. Page views triple that number.

Mike:  Do you have any other online marketing strategies that you follow?

Steven: All the above is important and must work concurrently with each other. Deal of the day sites have additional challenges with SEM – due to the sometimes latency in key work propagation. Social media when executed in a strategic manner (by professionals) can drive your business.

Mike:  Any advice for start ups, small business, or business of any size for that matter on choosing the right domain name?

Steven: Obviously you should research the key word implications in your intended name with regard to the search indexes. Look at the name in all media; print, business cards, email signatures. What are the retention factors, etc.

Mike:  Any other information you’d like to share?

Steven: Just thanks for the opportunity to share my company with your readers. We have a booth at CES. Come see us and grab a free t-shirt!

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Marcus December 27, 2010 - 9:48 pm

Looking forward to that Projector!

ValueDrops.com December 30, 2010 - 11:21 am

nice site, wish them luck!


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