The vs Conspiracy

The vs Conspiracy

It’s been a couple of weeks since I listed some good examples of solid keyword, generic domains that are pointed to other domains.  This week I came across some more that I though were good examples and some not so good.  One of the products involved has an interesting background.

  1. points to (a zodiac site… I don’t see the connection).
  2. is Ahern’s site, a company selling cordless phones
  3. is the Professional Packing Systems site
  4. points to
  5. is a site
  6. points to
  7. points to
  8. to ( a company tied to over 100,000 domains)
  9. loads
  10. is the home of Skippy peanut butter

That last one made me curious.  I would have expected to forward to, so over to I went to check out what’s there. To my surprise, it’s a site dedicated to Percy Crosby’s “Skippy” cartoon character from 1923 to 1945.  The site alleges a huge conspiracy surrounding the  Skippy name and that it was allegedly stolen from this cartoon with no credit given.  At one point, It’s an interesting read, and an entertaining one as well.  It seems as though there is some strong support including the fact that Percy Crosby once had the trademark invalidated, but the parent company of Skippy was later given the rights.  Check it out at if you’re interested in learning more.

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