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Big Guys and Little Guys That “Get” Domains

In this weeks list of keyword domains, it nice to see a mix of big and small businesses.  On the one hand, Career Builder seems to have someone with some domain smarts on staff.  I have a feeling the names I have listed are probably just a few in their list of redirects.  On the other hand it’s great to see some of the little guys in possession of some premium names.  The pancake house referenced below seems like a small town, honest to goodness pancake house and not a super chain like IHOP.

  1. PumpkinPatch.com loads nightviewproductions.com (Halloween Store)
  2. Harmonicas.com to Sheetmusicplus.com
  3. Headhunter.com, net and org as well as Headhunters.net to CareerBuilder.com
  4. LeatherBelts.com is the site for Sole Survivor Leather belts
  5. Suspenders.com is the site for Hold Up Suspender Comapny.
  6. CarBatteries.com forwards to MonbatUK.com, UK supplier of car batteries
  7. Pancakes.com is the site for PJs Pancake House
  8. ChefMat.com goes to GelPro.com
  9. Steel.com points to TorontoSteel.com
  10. RacingTire.com goes to performancetyres.com

Using Domains Properly

Another week and a fresh list of some keyword domains that companies have intelligently leveraged to point to or to be the primary domain representing their products or services.  You might see a couple of companies listed today that were also listed in prior posts.  Some of these businesses really know the value of the type-in traffic they receive from domains to the extent that they have multiple pointing to their main site.

  1. Stitches.com points to ASIpublications.com/Stitches (an online embroidery magazine)
  2. Approval.com goes to TrueCredit.com
  3. Hunting.com, Ducks.com loads up  Bass Pro Shop
  4. 3DFrames.com points to 1800Contacts.com
  5. Telescope.com is the home of Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
  6. SyntheticOil.com points to CastrolSyntec.com
  7. PetCare.com goes to Pedigree.com
  8. 2020Vision.com to Dr. Goldstein’s Lasik site.
  9. Heartburn.com goes to Tums.com
  10. BatteryChargers.com is the Schumacher Electric Corporation
Another week and a fresh list of some keyword domains that companies have intelligently leveraged to point to or to be the primary domain representing their products or services.

More Good Uses of Generic Domains

I’ve come across several more generic names that I think are being put to great use.  Whether they are pointing to another domain or housing a company’s main website, these are some nice uses of domains.  As always, some are better than others, but always nice to see these prime pieces of real estate in use as opposed to parked.

  1. LaborDay.com goes to  GreetingCards.com
  2. Bleach.com forwards to Clorox.com
  3. GlassCleaner.com is the Sparkle glass cleaner website
  4. Vaccuums.com (mis spelling) goes to builtinvacuum.com (MD vacuum manufacturer)
  5. StringInstruments.com is the home of Steilberg String Instruments
  6. DrumStick.com is the site for Nestle’s Drumstick Ice Cream
  7. GasGrills.com loads BBQParts.com
  8. Ducks.com forwards to BassProShops.com
  9. StainRemover.com is the site for Act stain remover
  10. Flour.com is the home of Stafford County Flour Mill Company

Let me know if you’ve seen any good ones.  I’ll be sure to list them in an upcoming post.


The PeanutButter.com vs Skippy.com Conspiracy

It’s been a couple of weeks since I listed some good examples of solid keyword, generic domains that are pointed to other domains.  This week I came across some more that I though were good examples and some not so good.  One of the products involved has an interesting background.

  1. Bubble.com points to Cainer.com (a zodiac site… I don’t see the connection).
  2. CordlessPhones.com is Ahern’s site, a company selling cordless phones
  3. PlasticBags.com is the Professional Packing Systems site
  4. Robotics.com points to ArrickRobotics.com
  5. Snow.com is a Vailresorts.com site
  6. Reloaded.com points to Atari.com
  7. Aggression.com points to WWE.com
  8. Squeeze.com to FMA.com ( a company tied to over 100,000 domains)
  9. BrassKnuckles.com loads BSProducts.net
  10. PeanutButter.com is the home of Skippy peanut butter

That last one made me curious.  I would have expected PeanutButter.com to forward to Skippy.com, so over to Skippy.com I went to check out what’s there. To my surprise, it’s a site dedicated to Percy Crosby’s “Skippy” cartoon character from 1923 to 1945.  The site alleges a huge conspiracy surrounding the  Skippy name and that it was allegedly stolen from this cartoon with no credit given.  At one point, It’s an interesting read, and an entertaining one as well.  It seems as though there is some strong support including the fact that Percy Crosby once had the trademark invalidated, but the parent company of Skippy was later given the rights.  Check it out at Skippy.com if you’re interested in learning more.


Generic Domains Pointed for Success

There are some really nice generic names that I came across this week that are being utilized successfully.  My favorite of the group below has to be ThankYou.com which is being used for the Citi Rewards site.  What a better way to get the point across and thank your customers right in the url.  The purpose of the site is made clear, up front, with that domain name.  The site is put together pretty well too.  I give credit to whoever came up with the idea of acquiring that domain for this purpose.  They hit the nail on the head.  Below are some others.

  1. Creamcheese.com forwards to a kraftbrands.com page for Philly cheese
  2. DressShoes.com goes to OnlineShoes.com
  3. PhotographyEquipment.com goes to Adorama.com
  4. ThankYou.com is the citi rewards site
  5. Welcome.com to cnet.com
  6. Labels.com redirects dymo.com (label printers)
  7. Freight.com goes to www.con-way.com
  8. Patent.com goes to science.thomsonreuters.com
  9. Lumber.com is the American International Forest Products site (lumber distributor)
  10. BookPublisher.com forwards to Wheatmark.com
Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stampinmom/4351579395/

More Generic Domains Put to Good Use

There seems to be an infinite number of quality generic domain names. Some are better than others, but what matters most is that they are most effectively used. What good is a great domain name if it isn’t used wisely? Generics can be used to capture that precious “type-in” traffic or, as we saw last week with Clothes.com, they can be developed independently to maximize the SEO value. Here are this weeks names and their fine uses:

  1. Jelly.com is the Fischer and Wieser site (gourmet offerings)
  2. Irish.com forwards to LegacyRecordings.com (Irish music label)
  3. FileCabinets.com goes to Levenger.com (office supplies and furniture)
  4. Housewares.com loads CutleryAndMore.com
  5. Dentalwork.com is the site for a family dental office in Arizona
  6. Winery.com goes to Winetravel.com
  7. OvenMits.com to Chefdepot.com
  8. Leathershoes.com goes to Shoebuy.com
  9. Peanuts.com the Peanuts site
  10. Snoopy.com loads comics.com/peanuts

Redirecting Vs. Developing

I met with one of my web design clients this evening.  This particular client, I had spent some time consulting with in the past of the benefits of owning keyword domains in their industry.  Eventually, I helped them purchase several domains related to their products and those names  now redirect to their primary site.  Particularly beneficial to them was the fact that most were hand regs, so the cost was low.

During the meeting today, the owner of the company asked why the domains don’t appear on the first few pages of Google when he does a search on the keyword terms.  He wasn’t in our prior meetings so he missed our discussion.  He had a valid question and a common misinterpretation.

As I explained, the company has, and will continue to, receive type-in traffic from those keyword domain names.  But in order to reap SEO benefits, these pages would have to be developed to some extent, which would require an additional investment by the company.   This investment, I believe, would quickly pay for itself in the form of increased sales.  I’d like to point out that I am not an SEO expert, nor is this a service I sell.

Developing these pages is a decision my client will need to make, but I thought this was a good example to share describing the differences between redirecting a domain and developing one.


Relationships in Domaining

Earlier this month, I posted about how I contacted someone who bought one of my domains on Snapnames.  That person ended up buying a handful of additional related domains from me.  As I think about that, if I look at my most recent 5 clients (and I call them clients as opposed to customers because I see it as a long term relationship), 2 of them have made multiple purchases from me, 1 will likely make future purchases, and the last 2 were each probably a one time deal.  I’m not a domaining expert (I’m working on it), and I am no salesman by any means.  But helping your existing clients to see how they can use the domains to their advantage will only help you with future sales.

Give them advice on how to park the name until they are ready to use it.  Ask them if they plan to develop the domain, create a sales page, or point it to their existing site.  In any case, you may have some advice for them on how to best go about that.  If you are lucky enough that they already have a good understanding of the value of domains, just maintaining a good relationship with them can lead to another sale.  Most of my sales come from hand regs, so the values are not astronomical, but overtime I’m banking on good relationships improving my bottom line.

Photo credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aroberts

More Examples of Generic Domains in Action

By now, you you probably know this is one of my favorite things to do.  That is, point out how companies are using generic keyword domains to further promote their business.  I’ve mentioned how I like to drop examples in conversations with prospective buyers to hint at how this can help them promote their own business.  I see it as a form of education for the prospect.  Here are some more examples I’ve come across.

  1. Weigh.com forwards to Totalcomp.com (Scales)
  2. Worms.com is the site for 1-800 COMPOST
  3. Words.com to Dictionary.com
  4. Poontang.com goes to JustFreePorn.com
  5. Glasses.com goes to 1800contacts.com
  6. Fuses.com goes to littelfuse.com
  7. BarberChair.com SalonFurniture.com
  8. SnowBlowers.com goes to Loftness.com (commercial products)
  9. RidingLawnmowers.com goes to GrasshopperMowers.com
  10. Porkchops.com is the Calumet Diversified Meats company site.

The evidence is endless.  Why are these companies using generic keyword domains?  Because it works!


Even More Companies That Find Value In KeyWord Domains

As you might expect, I send out emails several times per week looking for end users for domains.  I received a call from one recipient of my email that didn’t understand what I was trying to convey.  Once I explained, she said “why would companies want to buy a domain name if they already have a website?”   She wasn’t trying to be a smart ass, she was actually asking so that she could understand where I was coming from.

I used this as a good opportunity to drop a couple of the previous examples I had posted.  To be exact, I used the “Toohpaste.com points to Crest.com” and “Honda also uses Scooters.com to get more visitors to their site.”  At that moment, she got it, and she realized the benefit.  Unfortunately, she was not a decision maker for the company but ensured me she would get my message to the right person…. we’ll see.

But since I love this concept, I have a few more examples to share.

  1. Drinks.com goes to DiamondStandardVodka.com
  2. Eat.com goes to Ragu.com
  3. Sleep.com goes to Mattress.com
  4. Drumsticks.com is register to Zildjan, but when I checked the name did not resolve to any site.
  5. Shades.com directs to SunglassHut.com
  6. Chips.com goes to Intel.com (I was expecting potato chips)
  7. BabyBottles.com goes to iis.net, a Microsoft site (and I have no idea why)
  8. Locks.com is Acme Security System’s main site
  9. Storage.com goes to ExtraSpaceStorage.com
  10. Lift.com goes to OtisWorldWide.com (elevators)

Let me know if you are aware of any others or when you come across some.  I love these.