Day 1 – Read Daily

Day 1 – Read Daily

Alright, really?  We’re going to start out day 1 0f 21 Days to Becoming a Better Domainer with the most obvious tip of all?  The shameless kissing up to the master of domain blog traffic.  The gate keeper of domain freedom of speech.  The Google of domaining.  Yes, yes we are.

This is not without just cause.  In fact, that’s probably what brought you here to this post. is one of the most, if not THE most, valuable tool in my collection.  It’s been around since before I started blogging.  Not only is it the worlds most popular domain blog news aggregator (wow, that really is kissing up), but it is an abundant source of information on everything domain related.  Francois, the site’s founder, has done an excellent job of maintaining the content of the site to ensure a very high percentage of the posts from each blog is domain related.  He also weeds out self promotional sales posts of domain names, keeping the integrity of the aggregator at it’s maximum level.

If you want to learn about the domain name industry, this is the place to be.  While bloggers are required to pay a fee to be included on the site, the site is free to all visitors.  There are some highly talented writers and business people sharing there ideas and experience here.  There are also many you may disagree with or find not so knowledgeable, that’s for you to decide.  There is no better place for  this type of diversity.  The site provides you the option to block blogs that you don’t want to see in your feed.  I don’t understand why some people actually use this feature.  Although you may not agree with them, you miss out on other opinions.  Believe me, there are some bloggers in my feed that I cringe at when I see their posts.  Sometimes I choose to skip over them, but often I have a look to see what they are saying.  If nothing else, the readers commenting on the site may, and often do, have something of value to share.

The feed is updated in nearly real time, so there is always something new.   Most domain bloggers have some kind of niche that they focus on, be it dot coms or specific TLDs, generic names or brandable.  There are plenty of topics covered and several facets of each topic. No one has all the right answers for you, but if you read up and find the area that interests you most, you’re more likely to have some level of success.

With all that said, not all great domain blogs are listed on  Many are not.  Be sure to ask around, search and uncover those great blogs.  They are out there and they have plenty to offer.  Whatever you do, at a minimum, visit for at least a few minutes each day and get your dose of domain knowledge.  It will go a long way.

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  • Francois Reply

    Remember me your paypal email.


    Thanks a lot for these nice words,!

    January 15, 2018 at 7:07 am
  • 21 days to becoming a better domainer - Reply

    […] Day 1 – Read Daily […]

    January 15, 2018 at 7:54 am
  • Billy Reply

    Hi, this is comment 1/3 for the instructional 21 day course. :p

    Just found your blog, and am exited to learn about domains/investing and what I don`t know I don`t know about.

    Thanks for the resource, and pointing to Francois

    June 6, 2018 at 3:40 pm

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