Day 2 – Comment on 3 blogs you haven’t commented on before

Day 2 – Comment on 3 blogs you haven’t commented on before

Welcome to day 2 of 21 days to becoming a better domainer. Nobody said this was going to be difficult. In fact, the steps are easy, actually taking action is the hardest part.

Today we’re building off of the topic we started yesterday. Instead of reading blogs and being content with what you have read, learned, or not learned, I am going to ask you to post a comment on blog posts by 3 bloggers that you haven’t commented on before. This may be easy for some of you who may have never commented on a domain blog before. For others, you may need to do a little searching to find a new blog or maybe even one you don’t like. The goal is to find 3 articles by 3 different bloggers and leave a comment.

The purpose of this is not just to add spam comments. We’re looking for some quality here. I don’t want to see, “Nice post” or “I agree.” Put some thought into it. Talk about an experience you have had that relates to the post. Better yet, ask a question about the post that will give you a better understanding or challenge the author. Spark some conversation and you’ll likely pick up a tip or hear something that contributes to your domain archive that may be of use down the road. Lord, you may even meet someone or develop some domain connections that can be of value to you. Feel free to comment here on my blog if you never have in the past, that’s an easy one.

This is an exercise for day 2, but really, it needs to become a habit if you are looking to maximize you domain skills. Done daily, or lets say frequently to be realistic, commenting on blogs will help you learn more by engaging in conversation with others in the industry. As a side benefit, it can help build your credibility. You have the opportunity to contribute your experiences to others while learning along the way. In doing so, your name become recognizable. There are people in the industry that I have never met, but I know who they are because they are frequent commenters on blogs that I follow. I’m able to gauge who they are, what they are like, by what I have seen in their comments.

Now’s the time. Don’t wait. Just get out there and react to some of the posts you’re reading. You’re thinking it anyway, just share it. You can knock this out in under 15 minutes if you want to. Give it a shot. Report back and let me know how it goes.

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