Day 3 – Join a domain message forum

Day 3 – Join a domain message forum

We’re into day 3 of 21 days to becoming a better domainer and just building on the foundation we already started. Again, this isn’t a hard one but it can pay you back exponentially. Join a domain themed message forum and be active.

These domain forums are a gift. Just as domain blogs share information and experiences, so too do the forums. But often in a more interactive way. There can be hundreds of conversations taking place at any given time. You can just read along and see what people are saying and learn from that. You can interject, ask questions or start your own thread if there is something you want to know or hear about the experiences of others. You can offer domains for sale, but in my opinion, this is not the best spot to do that. A topic for another time.

The coolest thing I found is that the seasoned members of these boards will often take in a noob and help him/her out. I found that most domainers have the patience of saints and put up with a lot of new domainers trying to figure their way through the industry. Obviously there are some jerks out there as well…. it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. But generally speaking, good people. When I first joined DBR, my favorite forum of all time, the members were awesome. I asked some pretty stupid questions and got some really civil answers. Eventually, I got to a point where I could contribute as well. I met some great people through DBR and even made a couple of business partners. I developed a solid network and couldn’t be more greatful to all the members there. Special shout out to Mama Cougar. #love

If you are already a member of one or more domain forums then focus on the later part of today’s step, “be active.” I’ll admit, this is an area I struggle with myself. As I said, my all time favorite forum is DBR. I’d go as far as to call it my online home. Howerver, I havent been home for quiet a while. When life picks up and things get crazy, I find myself pulling away. It starts with reading through the threads but not taking the time to comment or start my own thread. Then it evolves into less frequent visits home because the kids have sports and activities, the wife wants some of my time, the dog got skunked, there are bills to pay and mouths to feed. Before you know it, it’s not part of your daily ritual anymore. Don’t let this happen. The networking, friends and information is too important. I’m making this step a priority once again, you all are witnesses. Hold me to it.

Now get out there, sign up, and start reading and posting. Here’s a short list of forums to check out. There are others so don’t make this your end all be all list.

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