First Sale

First Sale

I made my first sale…. well, almost.   I found a buyer for a pair of complementary domain names.   The buyer is ready and willing, but the the company I registered through is creating a bit of a problem.   Verio is the company I registered the domains through and they are still under the ICANN 60 day limit for registrar transfer.  That said, the kind people at Verio assured the buyer that they could transfer the domain if they just set up an account at Verio.  Makes sense, same registrar so the transfer can happen within the 60 days.  Well, not so fast.  Apparently, Verio uses two companies as their registrars.  Melbourn and Tucows.

I haven’t yet gotten to the bottom of this, but at the moment all I know is that this is making the transaction more complicated than it needs to be.  I am now using for all of my new registrations to avoid this problem in the future.

UPDATE:  The rule states that the domain can not be transferred outside of the current registrar.  Although Verio has some additional red tape to make the transfer happen within it’s own walls, it can be done.  It’s just not as easy as it is with a company like GoDaddy or Moniker.

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